Mix-Used Student Complex, Istanbul

The location of my project and the units which I’ve reserved for the students is designed to meet their needs. According to the land analysis and privacy perception the housing units were placed on the southern façade.

The balance has been ensured by keeping the reach of the cultural and social spaces and the shopping units by the street side.

The area where students can work is located near the closest residence to the underground. The activity areas were placed in accordance with the form and the shape of the terrain. In this case, all units have been placed so that they’re dominated by the common administration.

According to the analysis, I designed every unit by the rules of Fold Architecture, and shaped the units in harmony with each other.
Each folded form was created with the increasing design of the two-dimensional lines created by the dimensions of the output parameters and the capacity of the output of each of the folds of each other. By starting with just one sheet of paper, my design appeared step by step. 

The areas that remained under the slanted surfaces were used as interior gardens. The special ventilation systems were established to allow the building to breath. While the construction of the buildings and the two layers of the system provide more green. In the facades of the housing units with more semi-closed forms, the privacy was thought. The surfaces of the other units have not been restricted. In this way, the shopping mall and other units were designed to use the maximum amount of sun light. The parking lot was separated to 4 exits due to security. the folding design has ensured the balance of the circulation in the zigzag areas. Thanks to the more discreet circulation venues, it was possible to have a sense of emptive space.